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High CPU in cluster - vRealize Report


I have a VMware Clustering running around 500 Virtual machines and every weekend at a certain time it has an increase of CPU for around 12 hours. I have been told it isn't our virus scaning as well.

I am wanting to drill into the VMs to see what ones are causing the increase of CPU in the cluster. Do you know how I would use vRealize in this situation? We are running version 6.6


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Sure. Just use the Heavy Hitters dashboards which is available out of the box to find the list of VMs which are impacting the cluster CPU.

vRealize Operations 6.6 - Heavy Hitter VMs Dashboard - YouTube

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or you could clone the view "Highest CPU Demand VMs" and change the time settings in

"name and description" to the 12 hours on your weekend, that would give you a list of

the VMs.

Using a trend in "presentation" instead of a list isn't a good idea, because the resulting

trend line is rather confusing.