Feature Request: Add drop down to all metrics to change between unit types (KBps, MBs, Mbps, GBps, Gbps,etc)

It would be useful if vCops added a drop-down to any screen displaying metrics that would allow you to change between the metric's unit type.  For example,  when I view Network bytesTX it uses KBps.   It would make it much easier for Admins to change the units to understand how much of a physical NICs bandwidth is being utilized.  Currently the only way to accomplish this is for the Admin to add SuperMetrics,  which is added work for the Admin and the new Super Metrics calcs are added work for the vCops server.

Since the difference between KBps and Gbps is a simple well defined calc, it would be just modifying the view not the underlying data.


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi Matt,

Good day, If you would like to file a feature request , you may do so by submitting it in .

Its a simple questionaire and will get routed to the appropriate teams for further review.

The same link is available in every KB article under section "Request a Product Feature".


VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Thanks, it's a good idea.