Custom static attributes assigned to objects

I've got an interesting question, thought I would ask

Essentially, we allow departments to have X CPU, X MEM, X DISK and X number of Windows Servers

These are requested by the departments and approved in a manual process.

We are finding a discrepancy with these numbers, there are no controls on how many machines can be spun up and how many resources they can consume. We don't really want to control this, just be alerted to when it changes.

So ideally, I would like to assign an attribute that can be filled in manually, ie 10 CPU, 50 RAM, 10 DISK and 15 Windows Servers

These could be assigned to a vSphere folder or any appropriate object. From there I could either create a dashboard with the real numbers and the manually entered numbers or create alerts if they change. Is this possible?  Am I overthinking this? 

Thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

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Not a 100% match but may give you some ideas

Basically this works with tags in vCenter.

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