Create a distribution view (pie) based on custom group


Hello Experts,

I am tasked with building a dashboard that shows the breakdown of CPU, Memory and Disk utilization by department within my VCenter cluster.

I created 8 custom groups (Departments) to represent our IT structure.  I wish to know the percentage of the memory, cpu and disk each department is using in a chart view.

I created super metrics that sum the total for all VMs within a group.  I am able to see the breakdown in a List view.  However, I am trying to create 3 pie charts (CPU, Memory, Disk) that shows the breakdown for the 8 groups.

Has anyone done this before? Or know how it would be possible to do this?



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I've done something like what you're trying to do
You'll need to create some super metrics and views for this.

Super Metric
Total Active Storage usage
sum(Virtual Machine: Guest File System|Utilization) This needs to be the sum of Total Disk Usage for all VMs in custom group.
Total Active Memory Usage
sum of group memory util
Total Active CPU Usage
sum of group CPU demand

This requires 3 widgets due to the 3 views.

Your view will need to use the Distribution under Presentation with the Pie Chart visualization selected.

Subjects tab: <custom group> containing our specific VMs.
Data tab: Select data for <subject tab info>
Metric: Select your super metric (mem,CPU,storage)

Using the View (Pie) widget.

Config tab:

refresh content set to On, Refresh Interval is 300 seconds, Self Provider set to On.

Input Data tab:

Inventory trees : All Objects
Object: <custom group name>

Object Type: Environment

Output Data tab:

Select <custom view> one for each CPU, Mem, Disk util

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