Can we update/modify the vROps databse?


We have a requirement where we want to get the historical data of one resource kind and push it as the historical data of another resource kind.

For example:

Resource kind A: Belongs to Management Pack X and has some metrics and properties for which the data is being collected in vROps for the last 2 months.

Resource kind B: Belongs to Management Pack Y and has the same set of metrics and properties as Resource kind A, and it is newly started collecting the data.

So, we wanted to get the data of Resource Kind A for the last 2 months and push it as the historical data of Resource Kind B.

The logical solution we thought to try out is to modify/update the vROps database through some script. So, practically is this possible to update/modify the vROps database?

If not, then is there any way to achieve this requirement?

Any help on this issue is appreciated.



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What you are looking to do sounds far from supported. I have never seen a way to transfer collected metrics from one object to another

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