Beginner questions on vRealize

Hi all,

I am new to vRealize and have a few questions below:

  1. When vRealize will perform checking on either threshold, failure or performance trend? every hour or every day ?
  2. Can we set weekly/monthly email triggering ?
  3. If we don’t take action once first email send out, could it resend second time?
  4. Is it able to group a list of VM for alert rule checking?

Appreciate your time on sharing these knowledge.

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  1. Checks are essentially done after every collection interval, which by default is 5 minutes.
  2. Email triggering is done as soon as a condition is satisfied and not on an arbitrary basis.
  3. I believe #2 should answer this question.
  4. Essentially, yes, by using custom policies you can define how you want to monitor and be alerted on a group of infrastructure.
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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Just to expand on a few of these:

2. For something like a weekly/monthly email you can use scheduled reports.  Also, when you create notification rules for alerts there's an option to "Delay to Notify".  For some things that can correct themselves you might not want to be notified right away.  You can use this to only be notified if the alert is active for a period of time.

3.  In the notification rule settings there's an option to Notify again (every X minutes).  It won't email you again unless that is checked or until the alert is updated or cancelled.

4.  Policies are assigned to custom groups.  So you'll want to create a custom group that contains the list of VMs and assign a custom policy to it with the alert/symptom settings for those VMs.  You can also set the scope in a notification rule to that group if you want to create notification rules specific to that group.