Automated Report with Trend View for virtual machines selected by group - one vm per page


A customer of us wants to have a report of the trend view of cpu usage of his virtual machines.

Customer has 50 virtual machines and growing each month.

Creating a trend view with all vm's on one graph is not readable (see attachment)

Creating a trend view per vm and place each view in a report is to much manual work

When we create a trend view and say "Configuration, the maximum plot lines is 1" it does not generate a page per vm.

It shows only one page, telling showing 1 subject of X

Is there a way that we can generate a trend view, selecting a group of vm's, for example resource pool, or filter by tag,  and that the report generates one page graph per vm

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Trends will always put all objects in the same graph. selecting only 1 in the config will just simply show you the first VM not generate different trends with one VM in each.

The only real way to do this is in 6.7 and later you can create a dashboard with a object list showing a group with all the VMs in it and a metric chart. selecting the group it will show you all the VMs cpu usage in separate charts.

The problem with that is dashboards never format well into reports but in 7.0 you can send out a never expiring no login link to the dashboard instead of running and sending out reports.

Just be aware of what has changed in 7.0 before/if you upgrade

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