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Got an interesting questions *again* 🙂

I have embarked on the Alerts and Notification process.  My goal is to have this setup so that specific issues are categorised and sent to the appropriate teams.  Priority 1,2,3 and 4 as general priorities.

I have a list of P1 machines that I need to send alerts to a specific email, likewise with a P2 (different email), P3 and P4.

So what is the most effective way to deal with this?

I have created a group and defined the membership manually.  Let say I have added all my domain controllers.  If any domain controller is rebooted or fails, ill get an alert.


I have had a look around and found the metric. 

Under Environment > All Objects > vCenter > Virtual Machine > SelectMachine > OS Uptime (Second(s)).

I can create a Symptom - If System|OS Uptime (Second(s)) is < 300 trigger CRITICAL

BUT that metric doesnt exist on the new group that I created, so I cant run an alert on this.


Any suggestions on descent way to achieve this?

Eventually I will be setting up alerts for disk, memory and cpu based on the types of machines they are P1, P2 etc




In the Alert Definitions




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Hi Scott,


Alerts can me made up out of multiple symptoms. So what I did is create symptoms for productions VM (which always start with the letter P). I then create one more symptom for the cluster (in our case maybe relationship with custom group?). Putting that all together in an alerts gives me an alert dedicated for the production VMs on one cluster. Which I then can assign to 1 or more teams. Thats how I created dedicated alerts per cluster/team.




I don't know your setup, but you might want to try and create multiple symptoms to match your prio 1 2 3 4.

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