Alert for VMware Tools not running

Hi, brand new to using vRealize.  I would like to setup an alert to notify when VMware tools are not running on a VM.  We are using v5.5.  Any guidance would be appreciated.


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1. Click the Notifications link at the upper right of the main vRealize Operations Manager page.

2. In the Notifications dialog box, click the Add Rule icon to add a new notification rule.

3. Type a rule name.

4, Type the email addresses that must receive the notifications.

   Use semicolons to separate multiple addresses and do not leave blank spaces between email addresses. For example, type;;, and so on.

   Select the alert types and sub-types that trigger the notification.

5. Note: Because vRealize Operations Manager does not generate alerts for threshold violations of the top-level badges, you cannot configure a rule to send notifications for the Health, Risk, or Efficiency badge. Alert notifications are set at the sub-badge level. Similarly, you must specify the sub-types of Administrative alerts that trigger alert notifications.

6. (Optional) To filter notifications based on alert criticality, select the criticality levels that trigger the notification.

7. (Optional) To activate notifications for a specific object, start typing the name of this object in the Object Name text box.

   vRealize Operations Manager lists all objects that match the name you specify, so you can select an object from the list.


   For rules that contain administrative alert triggers, if you specify objects that trigger the notification, vRealize Operations Manager does not send alert notifications for administrative alerts that are not related to the specified objects. For example, vRealize Operations Manager does not send alerts related to analytics, collector service, active MQ, web resources, and so on.

   For rules that contain badge threshold alert triggers, if you do not select a specific object, vRealize Operations Manager sends alerts notifications for all objects in the inventory.

8.(Optional) To activate notifications for child objects of a selected object, specify the name of the object in the Object Name text box, and select the child objects for which you want to enable notifications.

  To activate notifications for all child objects, select the Include Children check box.

  To activate notifications for specific child object types, select the Include Children check box, and select the check boxes that correspond to the object types.

9.Click OK to save the rule.

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