Adding Licensing Group for vRealize Operations for Horizon - Tough time

Having a tough time configuring the vROM for Horizon License Group.  I think once this is done correctly the Horizon related Dashboards in vROM 6.7 will start showing data.  (A couple dashboards show some data, but just a handful.)

In "Define membership criteria" I have tried a number of different iterations but none come up with my connection server or POD name which is actually the connection server host name itself.  I get Hosts and Applications and other objects but not the POD or connection server hostname.

Also, previously I hadn't initialized a Horizon Cloud POD Federation thinking that there was no need to and that vROM License Group configuration would show the connection server as an option to pick, which it never did either.  Since initializing the POD Federation did nothing to help with the License Group issue, can I un-initialize without creating havoc in the VDI environemnt?  Or just leave it on.  At the moment we don't have other Horizon VDI environments we want to add to a Federation.

Thanks in advance.

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