vRealize Log Insight network undone, root unavailable

My log appliance rebooted needing its network to be set up again using Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 10.40.38.png but the console refuses lo let me in.

I treat Log Insight as disposable VM, whenever something is slight wrong with it I clone a new one from a template. Deploying OVAs in vCenter fails most of the time since around one of the minor updates vSphere 6.7, cloning a new one is very very fast and it fits right where the old one was. Anyway—It didn't work anymore!  the new clones of the instance are created with the same issue.

I deleted the template, failed deploying a new appliance a handful of times via vCenterr  deployed a new one using the vSphere ("Web"?) Console, because of the a handful of them failed to deploy using vCenter, The vSphere Client (ESXi) seems immune to this so I used that to deploy the instance finally only have the brand new instances reboot with no network and invalid root password again.

What could be causing this?

How can I reset the root password with no accounts available? Also, is my um.. "templating" environment broken? Deploying OVAs with built-in assistants nearly always fails. vSphere Integrated Containers, for instance; the appliance fails to deploy using vCenter, and via the vSphere Client it won't get the values entered in the assistant.

Appreciate your insight advice. 🙂

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