Horizon View Integration

Having trouble making use of the Horizon View content pack in LogInsight 4.6. I have v3.3 of the content pack installed. Here's what I've put together so far:

Created agent groups for client, agent, and broker.

Downloaded and installed the agent on the connection servers (these logs come in fine) and the View desktops.

If I go to Administration/Agents, the desktops and connection servers appear.

In interactive Analytics, I can search for my username and see the desktop logged in. It will show the connection server log and desktop log entries.

However, if I try to use the Dashboard "VMware - Horizon View" all of the graphs are empty.  Odd thing is the Desktops Sessions dashboard will show disconnected/reconnect but no other graphs. The PCoIP graphs will show data, so something is working. But would like to get the active user graphs working. If I try to view one of those graphs in Interactive Analytics, nothing appears. Are these graphs broken out of the box or something I need to do?

Appreciate any ideas here.

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