Feedback: Log Insight and vIDM Frustration

I need to get this off my chest. When nothing else in my VMWare environments is leveraging this vIDM. All it is currently doing is being a proxy for AD when AD integration was working just fine. Can someone please explain to me what sort of benefit or user experience this is suppose to be enhancing..

All i see is:

    1. Addition parts making the installation Convoluted when not having vIDM in place.

          The beautiful thing about Log Insight was over the years was the simplicity of the installation and how much better it has gotten since 1.0. Adding additional workers, the integrated LB (My favorite feature), integrated  VIPs w/tagging, and centrally controlled agents. vIDM just seems out of place with everything that LI has been.

   2. Additional resources in my environment. We can say it is free for LI , but really if it is requiring resources from your environment it is not free.

   3. I see zero benefit over the AD integration with using this in lab.

After using it I really don't understand this move and would like to ask for AD integration to continue to be supported.

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You can still use LI 4.5 with AD as per

Also look into this thread Active Directory integration deprecated in Log Insight 4.5+ and vote for integrating Log Insight with vSphere SSO Integrate with vCenter's PSC  🙂

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