weird looping problem and no tabs after upgrade

Upgraded my vcac appliance to version 6.1 and the identity appliance to version and have a have a broken environment now.

I can still log in with my domain admin account or the administrator@vsphere.local account and see everything I should, but along the top of the page where the tabs are there is a pink band and the tabs are not visible unless I move the mouse up and click in the approximate area, then everything shows up.


If I try to go to the catalog as a user and request a server the browser gets stuck in a loop between the vcac appliance and the identity appliance until you kill the browser session. This is a test environment that has worked well for awhile and I would like to get it going again. Anybody else seen this before? Can't be much wrong but after several days of looking I can't really find much about it.


Can anyone offer any ideas or help?



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Change your branding and see if that changes the tabs not showing up.  I have had the same thing happen to me when using white.  Now you upgraded the identity appliance and the cafe appliance. Did you do it in the correct order?  Have you upgraded the SQL database, IaaS IIS box as well as the manager and agents?

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