vrealize automation 7.5 session timeout

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Topic Name : Set vRealize Automation appliance Session Timeout

Publication Name : Installing and Upgrading vRealize Automation

Product/Version : vRealize Automation/7.4

Question :

How do I change the sessions timeout for vrealize automation 7.5

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I have not tested it with 7.5, but with 7.4 it works like this:

Set vRealize Automation appliance Session Timeout

You can give it a try.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

The procedure for changing the session timeout for vRA 7.5 is exactly the same as the one for 7.4, nothing was changed in that regard so you safely follow the guide for 7.4.

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Hi, check whether below code helps,

The vRealize Automation appliance default session timeout on user inactivity is 30 minutes. To adjust this timeout value to conform to your organization's security policy, edit the web.xml file on your vRealize Automation appliance host machine.

1. Open the /usr/lib/vcac/server/webapps/vcac/WEB-INF/web.xml file in a text editor.

2. Find session-config and set the session-timeout value. See the following code sample.

     <!-- 30 minutes session expiration time -->









3. Restart the server by running the following command.

       service vcac-server restart

Enterprise Install of vRealize Automation

Web Services

Now we can do the vRealize Appliance URL. Edit the VIP and add an additional port of 8444 to the existing 443. Port 8444 is used for remote console access which is a useful access method that you might want. Change the persistence options to a source based method, with a timeout of 30 minutes just like we did for the web services. The load balancing method is going to be “Round Robin” like it has been for our other services, and then it’s time to do our health check again.

This time we want to look for a URL of /vcac/services/api/health with a GET method, and we’re only looking for a 200 or 204 response pattern back so nothing needs to be added in the “Reply Pattern” box.

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