vRealize Automation and NSX Success Story at Active Networks

Active Networks improves IT Service delivery while increasing data center security by leveraging VMw...

Increasingly it is not sufficient for IT to just deliver infrastructure components (compute, storage, networking and security) to their consumers.  Companies are quickly realizing that IaaS-based clouds only solve part of the problem, because someone must take those infrastructure components and combine them together to form a working application to allow developers, test engineers and business users to do their jobs. 

Active Networks is a SaaS Based Application provider.  In order to stay on top in a dynamic competitive market they needed to make their developers and QA people more productive by providing application environments quicker.  These application environments used for development needed to have similar network and security configurations to assure that what they deployed in development would work in production.  See how Active Networks leveraging vRealize Automation and NSX accelerated the delivery of secure high performing applications that meet the specific needs of the different groups that they serviced.  

Active Networks Automats DevOps with VMware’s Unified Cloud Platform | VMware Cloud Management - VMw...

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