vROPS 7.5 Dashboard Configuration

Hello world!

Today I spent the most of the day configuring vROPs 7.5 environment:

- Adding Custom Groups

- Adding Custom Applications

- Adding Dashboards (Things in common: Widgets, Metrics)

- Modifying the Project Manager's Dashboard.

I did the same 4 activities for 13 new Applications published by the customer, and I was wondering if there is a way to automate this kind of stuff with scripting and just capturing the VMs I require to add in the new dashboards based on developers' documentation (I assume yes, but I don't know how neither what do I need to accomplish that).

The thing is developers are deploying new apps so, in the near future I'll need to add more Dashboards. Meanwhile, I'd like to learn and configure scripting if possible or making test with dummy dashboards.

I hope you can help me, telling how can I get started with scripting skill if this is possible.


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