vRA8.3/vRO workflow to update AD


I have vRA8.3, and trying to configure a Windows VM deployment with two post-deployment updates to AD:

  • Add AD Security group “AAA” to another AD group called “BBB”
  • Move deployed VM from the original OU to one chosen by a user.

My blueprint successfully deploys VM and joins it to AD, but I’m struggling with the 2 post deployment tasks.

I created subscription to the event “Compute post provision”, duplicated “Add groups to group members" VRO workflow,

now don’t know how to generate variables: userGroup (AD:UserGroup) and groups (Array/AD:UserGroup)  to use with “userGroup.addElements(groups);”

Can anyone give me some clues or share an example?



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I find it easier to create computer object in AD before the VM is created. That way you control the OU where it is created. No moving computer object required. subscription to the event “Compute pre provision”.

PowerShell Example.
$ouPath = "OU=Database Servers,OU=Servers,DC=domain,DC=com"
New-ADComputer -Name $VMNAME -description 'Created by vRA during Automated Server Build' -Path $ouPath
I also do the same process for AD Group membership. I use PowerShell and do it before the VM is created.
Add-ADGroupMember -Identity $GroupBBB -Members $GroupAAA
Always many ways to do the different processes with automation.
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