[vRA7.5] - Embedded orchestrator. Connect external Orchestrator to call specific workflow

Hi everyone,

we have two embedded Orchestrators on our vRA 7.5 infrastructure.

An other team develop specific workflows out of scope of our team.

We want to connect their instances of vRO to call a specific workflows to configure for example "Windows failover cluster".

How can do that ?

  • We must configure a proxy workflows ?


  • We must configure an external vRO on vRA ?


  • Executing vRealize Orchestrator workflows using Rest API ?

Our problem : this instance mustn't be a member of the vRO embedded cluster.

Thx for your help.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Have you looked at the multi node plugin for vRO? you could use it to call a remote workflow in another vRO instance without having to copy the workflow across to the instance you are calling it from. That will generate the proxy workflow for you in the vRO instance where the workflow isn't held. It is basically performing REST api calls behind the scenes to call the workflow on the other vRO instance and it won't change the membership of the embedded vRO clusters.

Adding the vRO instance to vRA shouldn't be required unless you have a requirement to call the workflow from vRA rather than from vRO directly.

Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Ok perfect Hejahida82​....... Thx for your help again. Smiley Happy

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