vRA Tenant Administrator Lease Override Option

We have a recurring scenario in our development cycle that involves deployments from a short-term blueprint (60-days Max) needing a change to a long term lease deployment(365 days) with manager approval.  (And no one knows if the lease will need a long-term revision.)  Renewing the lease every two months is not a viable option for us, since it's essentially an infinite lease if we give the power to the users to do so.  And having all leases be a max value of 365 days has caused users to be wasteful.  This update also needs to be done without downtime.

Do Tenant Administrators or a Business Group Managers not have the rights to set the lease to whatever they choose for a specific deployment?

I've already seen unsupported solutions to modify the Postgres Database "at your own risk," or doing some sort of deployment shutdown, export, then import, so I'm not really interested in those janky workarounds.

It's very possible I could be missing something in the permissions or GUI options.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi alexg60​,

Did you see this thread  ?



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