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vRA 8 - Redirect To Login

Hello Guyz :-),

On vRA 7.x we can redirect to the login page : http://www.willonit.com/2015/02/vra-redirect-to-login.html


How to bypass this page on vRA 8 :



and redirect directly to the login page please ?


Thx for your help.

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I'll second this question!

Currently, for Service Broker Users of the system (everyone except a couple admins), the current workflow to log in is:

Go to the vRA main web page - click to redirect to Identity Manager (i.e. Workspace One) - Log in - Click Service Broker

And more often than not, the next step is to click 'Deployments' to get to the deployments (then click the deployment they want to get to the VMs they want to console control / snapshot / power on / etc).  That's far too many steps to keep users happy, so anything that simplifies this (beyond telling them to bookmark https://vraAlias/catalog/#/workload/deployment ) would be helpful.

The one benefit of this is bookmarking that full URL directly opens the Workspace One login page without the need to click the 'go to log in' button.