vRA 8 Onboarding VM with a Network (Missing Onboarding features?)


Is there a way to onboard a VM to existing blueprint, or to at least be able to customize the blueprint for onboarded VMs.

In our case we have deployments created from cloud templates which consist of VM and its network:


Is there a way to do the same thing when onboarding an existing VM from vCenter?

When onboarding the VM we only get a VM inside our deployment without the network, because there was no way to specify which blueprint to use.

I tried with "Update" but it is greyed out, and even when exploring it further I was unable to make it do what I wanted.

Maybe this would be possible if there was an option inside blueprint VM where you would specify which exact VM to use on vCenter, but I was unable to find it.

Does anyone have a solution for this problem, or is it just a missing feature?

Thank you!

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I've been searching the web for the answer to this question, I hope someone chimes in.  I don't want to have to keep vra7 around to do imports, so then the VMs can get migrated to vra8 with network.

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