vRA 8.5 Ansible Cyberark

As a step in  vRA deployment, I have Ansible playbook used set user attributes including passwords for service accounts. The playbook  makes use of the Ansible cyberark.conjur collection for looking up the passwords.  The playbook works fine when run from the Ansible control node (Ansible 2.9) however when the same playbook is called from the vRA cloud template during deployments, it fails. The error is long but the essential part is:

"Error was a , original message: lookup plugin (cyberark.conjur.conjur_variable) not found"

The cyberark.conjur collection is installed correctly as I can use the same playbook outside of vRA, no problem.

The Ansible integration is also good, other playbooks run fine when called from vRA.

I can provide snippets of the cloud template and playbook

Any ideas why the cyberark.conjur.conjur_variable is not found only when the playbook is called from vRA would really be appreciated.

Thank you.


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