vRA 8.4 - editing a Cloud.NSX.Network post-provisioning? Resource action on network or vm resource?

What would be the best way to edit the network assignemt of a provisioned network resource? This would be applicable to a Cloud.vSphere.Network as well.

I have provisioned a virtual machine with multiple adapters. Clients sometimes want to change the network assignment of the vm/adapter.

My first idea would be to create a resource action on the vm, where the current configuration, which would be pulled via REST from the vCenter API, is displayed, the user would make the desired changes via drop-downs or such, and the new configuration would be pushed to the vCenter. Here I have found the first hindrance - there is no query that would allow this. In fact there does not seem to be a query at all which would allow you to just POST a new configration on a vm resource.

There is a similar issue with the vRA API - you can list network adapters of a vm with /iaas/api/machines/{id}/network-interfaces/{id1}, but there is no method that would allow you the edit it.

Another alternative to the above would be to use a vRO action, which seems pretty straighforward, I have a question here - assuming I can update the VM, would the change be reflected on the vSphere VM resource in vRA (after an inventory collection) and on the Cloud.NSX.Network as well? When I change the port group assignment on the network adapter directly in the vSphere client, the change was not reflected in the vRA deployment...

The method that is of most interest to me is to change the network resource "directly" in vRA, that is, to use a resource action on Cloud.NSX.Network, to change its properties. I currently do not have an idea on how to construct the attached workflow in vRO. I can receive and parse the payload, but how do I edit the resource? In vRO there is no equivalent to the Cloud.NSX.Network resource.

Any tips on how this can be done are welcome.


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