vRA 8.1 Resource Actions - Updating VM Properties / Output


In vRA 7.x it was possible to create a resource action to be ran as a day 2 function. This in turn could have outputs set which could enable the updating of properties on a VM.

Now in 8.1, this no longer seems possible unless someone can tell me otherwise (I hope!). As I see it, day 2 actions ran against a VM come under against the event topic 'Deployment resource action requested' which has a very limited set read only parameters available.

A basic use case is as follows:

- VM blueprint includes a custom property of 'backup level' - gold/silver/bronze.

- Through the life of the VM, a user may wish to change this level via a custom day 2 resource action.

- As an output we wish to update the custom property against the VM so users can see what level is configured.

I have also checked the API to see whether updating a VM property set is possible this way, but can not see a function to do this...only tag updates seems supported.

Any ideas appreciated.

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I had a similar usecase. Via IaaS API this looks possible:

curl -k -s -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H "Authorization: Bearer $access_token" "https://vra8.corp.local/iaas/api/machines/0bef43a7-cfcf-45fc-b98d-6087c1c7cb59" -X PATCH -d '{"customProperties":{"myprop":"updated"}}'

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