vRA 8.1 (HF1) - Workflow forms not rendering/working after import to service broker


I am having issues with workflow presentations not rendering and working as expected when imported into service broker. I'm using vRO 8.1 and have applied HF1.

The workflow has 2 inputs, VM (type VC:VirtualMachine) and a drop-down that calls an action passing in the selected VM. When I run the workflow from vRO the presentation works as expected, I get a tree picker for the VM and once selected the drop-down is populated with the result of the action (which returns an array of strings).

Switching to service broker, I create a Content Source, add my workflow and import. When I select it from the catalog the tree picker for the VM is now of type "Value Picker", so you have to search for the name of the VM and the drop-down does nothing.

Upon investigation, the action is not present in the fields Value source\External source property, if I try and configure the action manually the search will not find the one I need.

Is this a bug? Has anyone else had issues like this in 8.1?



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I had the same issue at first.  Then i figured out that it in VRA 8.x it would not allow you to return list of VC:Virtual machine so I had to retrieve the names of all VMs in a folder (based on project) and then convert the names to a string.  So here is my action that I used .  when I go into service broker and select the catalog item and then select the project it populates this list:


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