vRA 8.1 Datastore specific limitation


I'm using vRA 8.1. I would like to set datastore limits on cluster specific. I have the following configuration;

Cloud Zone


               Datastore-A     -> I would like to set Storage Limit xGB

               Datastore-B     -> I would like to set Storage Limit xGB


               Datastore-C     -> I would like to set Storage Limit xGB

               Datastore-D     -> I would like to set Storage Limit xGB

I have one Cloud Zone and I have two cluster inside. I could not set datastore limits according the cluster specific on cloud zone like vRA 7.5 Reservations. When I add Cloud Zone in the Project I see the following option, but there is no any datastore selection. I think if I set storage limit in this page, this limitation will be applied for all datastores.


How can I do this like vRA 7.5 reservations for my use case.

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From now on there is not possibility of setting limit per Datastore it is only done by Cloud Zone. Multiple projects can share the same Cloud Zone and those limits will be per project to allow the overallocation.

Thinking about your use case is it possible to specify to which Datastore the VM needs to be deployed by using Capability Tags but i do not see a way to put specific limits to those datastore.

Maybe i am confused here and someone will correct me but i could not find a way to do it like before.