vRA 7.6 - 401 unauthorized in IIS web server

Hi all,

We're seeing a large amount of 401s in our IIS logs that are causing them to fill up drive space fairly quickly. It seems that a process is hitting the web server unauthorized and then attempts the connection again with specified service account credentials. This causes two requests in a fairly short amount of time.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

GET /repository/Data/CoreModel.svc/GlobalPropertyItems() $filter=Name%20eq%20'Installation.Cafe.ComponentRegistryUrl'&$top=1 443 - client-ip Microsoft+ADO.NET+Data+Services - 401 0 0 1

GET /repository/Data/CoreModel.svc/GlobalPropertyItems() $filter=Name%20eq%20'Installation.Cafe.ComponentRegistryUrl'&$top=1 443 serviceaccount_name client-ip Microsoft+ADO.NET+Data+Services - 200 0 0 1

Has anyone seen this before? It doesn't seem like this should be expected behavior.



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