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[vRA 7.4] - Hide form TAB

Hi guyZ :smileylaugh:

When we use "Codestream" it's possible to used a XAAS form named "Group Package Request".

In this form you can add more package with this check box :


If this check box is "UNCHECK", only six tab are available but when we check the Box a new TAB appear "ADD MORE PACKAGES".


We would like to do it for our Xaa, with vRO OGNL it's very simple 
but where is this feature in VRA form ? It's missing ? Why ?

Do you have an idea ?

Thx for your help.

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we have hidded some tabs in a presentation but when a launch the XaaS some values are retrieve while the tab where these values are present is hidded when we launch the XaaS.

Do you know why some values are required when loading XaaS ?

No tab available :


but when we look the event logs we see this :


Why ? These values are not present in the default tab. All of theses values are present in a hidded tab.

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