vRA 6.2 - Importing vSphere VMs - no IP assigned from Network Profile

I want to import a vSphere VM using the Infrastructure Organizer (single VM).

After going thorught the import wizard and selecting a blueprint and reservations with a network profile attached, the VM is reconfigured, but does not get an IP address from the network profile.

The Parameter with the network profile name is passed on to the imported VM, the parameter value with the dvSwitch port Id is also added, but under network profile there is nor reservation being made.

I've tried assigning a Create > BasicVM and also a CloneWorkflow blueprint, with a network profile linked using the build property VirtualMachine.Network0.NetworkProfileName = ProfileName123

Provisioning a new VM with those blueprints runs fine every time, with every new VM getting an IP and DNS configuration from the network profile, it just won't work when importing from vSphere.

Setting the IP in the guest itself does not matter, I just need a reservation from the network profile.

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