vCACVmProperties "provisioningGroupId" returns null when blueprint migrated from 6.2.4 to 7.2


I have transferred a blueprint from 6.2.4 to 7.2 (via migration) and also its associated workflows which are called from the stub callouts.

In the vRO workflow its trying to get the value of the following custom property from the vRA layer.

     vCACVmProperties "provisioningGroupId"

I understand the provider is the Business Group associated with the blueprint.

It now returns "null" rather than a valid id value.

Does anyone know if this is a valid payload value in 7.2 or is it deprecated in 7.x?

I'm then using the business group id to work out the vRA tenant. Code snippet below

I'm still using the "old" stub callouts in the blueprint and have not setup event subscriptions.



//read business group data

var model = "ManagementModelEntities.svc";

var entitySetName = 'ProvisioningGroups';

var headers = null;

var bgId = vCACVmProperties.get("provisioningGroupId");

var props = {"GroupID":bgId};

var entity = vCACEntityManager.readModelEntitiesByCustomFilter(, model, entitySetName, props, headers);

tenantName = entity[0].getProperty("TenantID");

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