VRA7, NSX 6.2.2 NAT and LB not working


we're testing with VRA7(latest build with the 1.0.3 NSX orchestrator plugin) and NSX 6.2.2 and are trying to build a very simple NAT load-balancer setup from VRA7 but looks like a lot of stuff is going wrong:

First thing that's wrong is DNS setting in the created edge-service-gateway.

Edge gateway is created but ignoring our VRA network profile and it's created with "DHCP auto configure DNS" option but nothing configured for DNS and DNS service also not active. So VM's behind NAT interface have no connectivity to the outside, missing DNS info. When we enable DNS by-hand in the gateway, VM's behind NAT interface have connectivity to the outside.

When we enable DNS on the esg, VM's get updated, packages installed etc etc.

But when VRA it trying to configure the loadbalancer on the esg, oops: java.lang.NullPointerException and no configuration changes on the esg.

Anyone any idea how we get DNS correctly configured so our NAT is working correctly and what might be the issue with that LB nullpointerexception.



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