VRA Won't Start after many failed deployments

After throwing about 100 deployments at my VRA 8.1 patch 2 system, I saw many deployments with Provisioning service errors.

VRA then became unresponsive so I restarted by stopping the services, doing an OnlyClean and then shutting down the VM (told by support that that helps clear the v-swap used by VRA). When I started back up the appliance, then started the application, many containers that need to connect to the provisioning service do not start including approval-service, catalog-service-app and others.

If they do start it seems to be for a short time and then crash again.

The container logs are full of "'Valid provisioning region' is required", or "Connection is not available, request timed out" when making calls to the provisioning service.

Please let me know if any of you have run in to the provisioning service issues impacting the start of the application and how you went about fixing this.


Thank you in advance

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