Import VRA Basic Clone VM Workflow into Built-In vRO?

Hello All-

I'm just getting started with vRO in VRA 7.2 as I am looking to do some things with my workflows that don't seem to be able to be done with basic blueprints, such as executing SSH/Powershell scripts on remote hosts outside of the vRA deployment.  I was windering though, is there an easy way to import the workflow that vRA uses when creating a basic clone vsphere VM blueprint into vRO?  I don't really want to re-invent the wheel if I don't have to and create a Clone VM workflow from scratch in vRO to do everything that the vRA workflow already does.  It would be nice if I could somehow import it and start with that as my base and then add what I need to it.  Does anyone know of a way or am I stuck with creating my workflows from scratch starting with the vRO library workflows? 

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