How to restart a server deployment job after an error?


i use VRA (7.6) for basic server (Windows Server) delivery into a vSAN - nothing special.

I have the following problem:

I started a deployment for 15 Servers, the free IPs come from an imported list (csv).

At the beginning of the deployment I didn´t check the free addresses (there were only 5 IPs left).

So the deployment works for 5 Servers (SRV-01,02,03,04,05) and at the same time the deployment run into a error that there are not enough addresses available.

After that i expand the IPs.

My question: is it possible to restart that deployemnt process? Because know i discard the rest of the job and start a new one.

Problem know is, that i have a gap between the server names and they startet at SRV-16,17,..... so perhaps it is possible to restart in the future a stopped process that i don´t loss names.




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