How to query the list of vRA 7.3 identifiers for AWS subnet

How do you query vRA to obtain the integer value for amazon_subnet_id given the AWS identifier for a subnet?

I have a vRO action to dynamically identify the AWS subnet given several parameters chosen in an XaaS blueprint.  That action returns a value (i.e. subnet-abcd1234).  I can pass the AWS subnet identifier to a blueprint using the API and do not get an error (json[bluePrintId].data.amazonSubnetId = "subnet-abcd1234)";

However the value seems to be completely ignored and the EC2 instance is put in a different subnet.

If I instead use the integer value I found from past provisioning requests (json[bluePrintId].data.amazon_subnet_id = 123;) the EC2 instance is put in the desired AWS subnet.

How do I either

1. Query vRA for the integer value that matches the AWS Identifier I want (i.e. lookup subnet-abcd1234 and have it return 123)


2. Pass the AWS identifier to the provisioning request so that it isn't ignored.

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