How to Specify a root object in ADsearch in blueprint forms


We currently have a multi-tenant vRealize 7.3 installation: 2 tenants with 1 ActiveDirectory for each one, untrusted.

Users from tenant 1 must not see users from tenant 2. And that is the problem we are facing.

We have created Xaas blueprints using the AD search feature to define AD objects inputs, but this feature doesn't separate the ADs.

We always see users from the 2 ADs .

In vRA, just one AD is defined for each tenant in Administration -> Endpoints.

In Orchestrator, It works fine. My AD objects inputs are set with 'Specify a root object to be shown in the chooser' option.

When i run my workflows from vRo console, i only see users from 1 AD.

Upgrading vRo ADplugin with 3.0.6 version does not fix this.

Does anyone know how to achieve this ?

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