Find vCenter VM by instanceUUID

A vRA VM is linked with a vCenter VM by the "instanceUUID". For Example if you like to change something on the VM in the "Compute post provision" State you can extract the UUID from:
and use this Code to get vCenter VM:
Input: InstanceUuid
Input Type: String
Return Type: VC:VirtualMachine


var vc_uuid = InstanceUuid

var vm2return = null
var arr_results = []

for each (vcenter in VcPlugin.allSdkConnections) {

	var results = vcenter.searchIndex.findAllByUuid(null,vc_uuid,true,true)

    for each (item in results) {



if (arr_results.length = 1) {
    vm2return = arr_results[0]

} else if (arr_results.length > 1) {

    System.log("Duplicated Instance UUID found!")

} else {

    System.log("Nothing found...")


return vm2return


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