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Edit custom property as day 2 operation?

Can we edit the custom property/attributes as a day 2 operation after provisioning the machine.

Example: Have property definition "Falvor" and "Size" with value "small&medium" and "20GB& 50GB" respectively added to the blueprint. While provisioning the machine small falovor is selected by user hence the machine provisioned with 20 GB. We want to change it to medium falvor with 50 GB size later as day 2 operation. Is it doeable?

If it is doeable custom resource action is the only method?

Appreciate your assistance.


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i assume when you want to switch the 'Falvor' value from 20 GB to 50GB there should be some sort of resizing execution also happen which can be easily done using custom resource action which can in turn trigger VRO to make the resize work.

however, if you need just to update the Value for the Property, there OOB 'Reconfigure' action which can let you modify the custom properties for the provisioned VM as Day 2 action which is not Custom resource action.

Hope this helps!!



Regards, MG