Discrepancy in vRA Reservation Storage Details between GUI and API

vRA 7.3

I'm seeing a discrepancy in vRA Reservation Storage details between what is reported in the GUI and what is returned via the API. Here's an example.

These are the storage figures in the GUI for my reservation:


and the data returned by the API:

key                                  value

---                                  -----

storageReservedSizeGB                @{type=integer; value=20}

storageReservationPriority           @{type=integer; value=0}

permissible_value_selected           @{type=boolean; value=True}

storageAllocatedSizeGB               @{type=integer; value=0}

computeResourceStorageTotalSizeGB    @{type=integer; value=48}

isStorageCluster                     @{type=boolean; value=False}

storagePath                          @{type=entityRef; classId=Storage; id=44d5a6b3-f899-4900-8a0e-15017e4e2630; componentId=; label=NFS01}

storageEnabled                       @{type=boolean; value=True}

computeResourceStorageReservedSizeGB @{type=integer; value=10}

isSDRSEnabled                        @{type=boolean; value=False}

computeResourceStorageFreeSizeGB     @{type=integer; value=33}

diskCost                             @{type=integer; value=0}

In easier to read form:

1) Total Computer Resource Storage space is: 48 
2) Free Computer Resource Storage space is: 33
3) Computer Resource Storage Reserved space is: 10
4) StorageReservedSize is: 20
5) storageAllocatedSize is: 0

So there definitely seems to be an issue with 2, 3 and 5.

The API call was made to /reservation-service/api/reservations/$($ReservationId)

and the storage figures returned via the ExtensionData property of the result.

There are more details with another example over in an issue on our PowervRA repo: Not fetching correct data from VRA · Issue #172 · jakkulabs/PowervRA · GitHub

Anyone else having the same problem?

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Ran your code example from the github link against a small staging environment and got the following result (each row is a reservation):


The red text is where the powervra output differed from the gui.

For reference:

  • PSVersion: 6.0.1
  • PSEdition: Core
  • GitCommitId: v6.0.1
  • Server APIVersion: 7.3

Note: the first five lines are from a single compute resource and the last five lines are from a second compute resource


alexanderjn Thanks a lot for taking the time to do that!

So more evidence that there can be discrepancies between what's reported in the GUI and what is returned from API. It would be interesting to see a VMware response to this.

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I am having a very similar issue with reservations. The GUI shows me the proper list of networks in the reservation and the REST API (and therefore powervRA) is missing at least one entry. Is this a bug or am I missing a step in getting updated information from REST?

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As a followup for those who are interested, I opened a case on this and their response at this point is that the reservations information comes from two places, the vRA (postgres) database and IaaS database. When they perform the rename the objects seems to be updating in vRA, but only in IaaS when these are created initially (i.e removing and adding back).

I am not sure at this point if they will fix this behavior since going forward this should not be an issue, as in vRA 8.x it does not use the IaaS model.

If anyone wants to chime in to GSS about it and try to convince them to fix it, that would be appreciated.

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