Cannot "destroy" virtual machines from 'items' tab vRA 6.2.3

Hi all, I'm currently running version 6.2.3 in my lab (I know, I know, plans to upgrade to 7.x this summer!) and running into an issue. Whenever I attempt to get rid of a virtual machine from the items tab by initiating the destroy action the subsequent request is failing with an error along the lines of:

     Exception during request callback with id 9bf7aaa1-8bd9-4ec7-9a6c-7275a0f42c7d for item d4792fae-3883-4eb4-b3e8-86235d2f1104. Error Message: [Error code: 42106 ] - [Error Msg: Infrastructure service provider error]

If I instead destroy them from the managed machines interface, located under the Infrastructure tab, then everything works fine. One would think these do the same thing, but apparently not? Im unable to find any information on the error I'm getting and as far as I can tell everything else seems to be working perfectly fine and all services seem fine according to the vRA VAMI.

Has anyone encountered this issue in the past?

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