Cannot connect endpoints in vCAC6

Hi everyone.

I'm fighting with vCAC installation and configuration and facing different issues, so sometimes i asking myself is anyone have this installed before released in GA:)

so, long story short.

I'm trying to create endpoints in infrastructure configuration, but looks like it is not working. i can reach vcenter and it is working fine, and when i add vcenter as endpoint it is not returning me any errors in console, but it not not showing up when i create fabric groups.

Also, it seams that proxy agent is not functioning correctly.

I have this records in a logs on IaaS server, where agent installed.


[1/31/2014 4:48:55 PM] [Error]: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>


This exception was caught:

System.NullReferenceException: The attached endpoint 'vCenter' cannot be found.

   at DynamicOps.Vrm.Agent.vSphere.RepositoryServiceProvider.GetManagementEndpoint(String name)

   at DynamicOps.Vrm.Agent.vSphere.VSphereHypervisorData.FetchCredentials()

   at DynamicOps.Vrm.Agent.vSphere.VSphereHypervisorServiceProvider.GetHypervisorData()

   at DynamicOps.Vrm.Agent.vSphere.VSphereHypervisorServiceProvider.GetComputeResources(ManagementEndpoint managementEndpoint)

   at DynamicOps.Vrm.Agent.vSphere.VSphereAgentService.GetHostClusterList()

   at DynamicOps.Vrm.Agent.Core.VRMCoreAgent.SendPingReport()

   at DynamicOps.Vrm.Agent.Core.CoreAgentBase.SendPingReportLoop(Object sender, ElapsedEventArgs e)

I have installed new agents with new names, but it also didint help much. they all have same error, with difference in highlighted 'vcenter' part.

will appreciate any help and thoughts.

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The vSphere agent is configured with an Endpoint Name. The default endpoint name in install time is "vCenter"

This must correlate to the endpoint name configured in vCAC.
in order to solve:

1. Make sure that the endpoint configured in vCAC is Named "vCenter"
2. Uninstall vSphere Agent, Re-install it, name the endpoint whatever you like, and create and endpoint with that name in vCAC 6.0


Can confirm that this could still be an issue with the vRA agents in vRA7.

By default (as stated) the vCenter agent is installed with a name of vCenter. When configuring an endpoint if you fail to also name your endpoint vCenter data collection will fail on your vCenter IAAS agent.

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Couple of things to check:

1. When you installed endpoint, were the tests for "Manager Service Host" & "Model Manager Service Host" passed?

2. Were the services - vCloud Automation* are in started state?

3. Check this URL from https://Iaas_FQDN_ip/VMPS2Proxy

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