Azure vRA 7.5 Static IP

When creating a Azure machine it does not apply the setting of static IP, it always defaults to dynamic.   Digging through the workflows there is a "Create VM NIC" which is used to create the Azure NIC.  In this 7.5 version it is calling  "AzureNetworkInterfaceManager.createWithoutPublicIp(destinationRG, region, virtualNetwork, subnetAttr, nicProperties.nicName, null)"  to create the NIC.  Looking at the parameters, the last one is for "staticPrivateIPAddress" but is set to null.  I have been playing around with this and the only valid input for it is an IP address within the subnet you as using, then it will set the NIC to static.  Looking through all the Azure scripting objects i can not find any that would allow me to update the NIC to static or one that will give me an available IP within a subnet to then take and use to create the NIC. Has anyone come across this and if so how did you get around this?


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