Add or Update Property using Event Broker Subscription

Is anyone using workflow subscriptions to add or update virtual machine properties during event topic Machine Provisioning?

I have a simple subscription defined that’s called for all conditions where Lifecycle State Name = VMPSMasterWorkflow32.Requested to experiment with something like custom host naming in vRO.  My WF is setup with an input variable named “payload” of type Properties and I have no problem reading the properties passed from vRA to vRO but I’m not sure how to modify something like Hostname.

In the documentation I see the following schema for the event data payload:


  machine : {

      id                : STRING,      /* IaaS machine ID */

      name              : STRING,      /* machine name */

externalReference : STRING, /* machine ID on the hypervisor */

      owner             : STRING,      /* machine owner */

      type              : INTEGER,     /* machine type: 0 - virtual machine; 1 - physical machine; 2 - cloud machine */

      properties        : Properties   /* machine properties, see notes below how to expose virtual machine properties */           


  blueprintName   : STRING,      /* blueprint name */

  componentId     : STRING,      /* component id */

  componentTypeId : STRING,      /* component type id */

  endpointId      : STRING, /* endpoint id */

  requestId       : STRING,      /* request id */

  lifecycleState  : { /* see Life Cycle State Definitions*/

      state : STRING,

      phase : STRING,

      event : STRING


  virtualMachineEvent                 : STRING,     /* fire an event on that machine - only processed by Manager Service as consumer */

workflowNextState : STRING,     /* force the workflow to a specific state - only processed by Manager Service as consumer */

virtualMachineAddOrUpdateProperties : Properties, /* properties on the machine to add/update - only processed by Manager Service as consumer */

virtualMachineDeleteProperties : Properties  /* properties to remove from the machine - only processed by Manager Service as consumer */


My question is how can I leverage “virtualMachineAddOrUpdateProperties” to force a hostname change when the payload I’m working with is an input parameter to the workflow?

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I haven't done anything with that. (I don't think/remember.)

But for workflow-based custom hostnames...  Brian has a nice blog on it and he references his sources.

Setting the Machine Name of a vCAC-provisioned VM to comply with a Corporate Standard – Part 1 of 4 ...

We actually take a few different user selectable fields in the BluePrint to then build the custom hostname.  It has worked for us for the past year and half or so.

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1. virtualMachineAddOrUpdateProperties is bound to an output parameter with the same name.

2. Your event subscription should be a blocking task? That is required to process the output

//Update or add any Custom Properties here, for example:

virtualMachineAddOrUpdateProperties = new Properties();

virtualMachineAddOrUpdateProperties.put('some.property', 'GOOD LUCK');

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