ABX action to external database server issues

ABX container have limitation to connect the mssql server. Though I was able to import "pymssql"  after providing the package name in "dependency" but container does not contains all the driver. Got the below error in abx action. I tired the same command in windows setup having python 3.5 worked fine there.  

ymssql.connect(host="", user="sa", password="Password123!", database="abxdb")

File "src/_mssql.pyx", line 677, in _mssql.MSSQLConnection.__init__

_mssql.MSSQLDriverException: Connection to the database failed for an unknown reason

I tried with "pyodbc" python  package to connect mssql server and got the similar kind of driver exception.

I have another postgresql server installed. To connect the postgresql it uses "psycopg2" python package but ABX is not able to include this package while deploying the container and throwing 404 not found error.

Please help me to connect the DATA BASE server if are you aware of. I just need to persist the data.

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