A subscription of a deployment lifecycle?


We have a use case in our team that we are not sure how to implement.

I'll try to explain in short:

- We need to be able to execute a vRO Workflow during a blueprint deployment (The blueprint consists of a single VM component and the user can choose up to 10 instances of the component to deploy).

- The workflow needs to receive as input the hostnames of all the machines deployed in the blueprint.

- The workflow needs to run after all the instances have passed the VMPSWorkflow32.MachineProvisioned state, but before the blueprint deployment has finished.

Right now we are using the event broker to run installs and domain configurations on single instances (using the "Machine provisoning" event topic in the Event Subscription), but it doesn't give us a view on the entire deployment, we need to somehow run a workflow in a phase somewhere between after all the machines have finished our configuration and before the machines are visible to the user.

Is there an event topic that can accomplish this case? or another way to manage to do it?

I thought of a way to do it but it requires us to save data into a database\vRO configuration element, and also to edit the workflow we run on single instances, it will work but it is kind of an ugly implementation, i thought i might ask here to see if there is a prettier way to accomplish this Smiley Happy

Thanks in advance!

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You can use vRA Lifecycle events like PoweredOn which is before machine is completely powered on and delivered to customer.
Regards, MG
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