vSphere 6.X, renaming of vmdks during Storage vMotion and provisioning.relocate.enableRename parameter

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Hope you can help with context of renaming vmdk files during Storage vMotion.

There is no mention of advanced parameter "provisioning.relocate.enableRename" after vSphere 5.X version (in advanced settings of vCenter server).  It was defaulting to true, but it was still configurable in some of 5.X versions

In 6.X versions the renaming of vmdk files during Storage vMotion is implicitly true. 6.X doesn't allow this parameter in advanced setting of vCenter. After trying with a parameter as "config.provisioning.relocate.enableRename", it is allowed to enter it, but has no influence on renaming configuration.

What happened to this configuration parameter in 6.X versions? I'm wondering is there a configuration option for renaming of vmdk's during Storage vMotion at all in 6.X versions, or it is implicitly and mandatory true.

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You tried restarting the service?

If restarting didn't help then this advanced settings has been deprecated.

Ashish Singh VCP-6.5, VCP-NV 6, VCIX-6,VCIX-6.5, vCAP-DCV, vCAP-DCD
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