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vMotion made my Print cluster going down


I'm running 2 VMs on separate hosts as Windows Print Server to make a nice Cluster. Those 2 Vms share a LUN on the NAS.

So each VMs has 1 network card on public LAN and 1 network card on iSCSI LAN.

The problem we just dicovered is that each time vCenter made a vMotion on one of these VMs, each VMs request the "Master control" of the Cluster.

It seems that during the vMotion, the network connection is cut and so the cluster went in trouble.

Does any1 know what I should modify on my vCenter topoligy to correct this "cut effect" or at least reduce it to the extreme minimum time ?

All feedbacks are welcome.


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I recommend you read the following articles, the first one for some specific tips of WSFC on VMware and the second with tips and tunning settings for the nodes:

Say Hello to vMotion-compatible Shared-Disks Windows Clustering on vSphere | Virtualize Business Cri...


I think you should start increasing the SameSubnetThreshold.


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