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Which ISCSI San is better Dell md3220i or IBM v3700

I would kindly like to ask experts here in the community to provide solution regarding storage,my question is which storage shall I go with either Dell md 3220i or IBM 3700 ISCSI SAN array.

My scenario is having 2 Dell PE R720 12 g servers with vsphere 5.5 enterprise plus licensing.Internal storage of 1.2 TB on each host.Need to scale up the storage with ISCSI SAN.I am totally confused on which one shall i select fro best performance usage and future scalability.

Thanking All Experts in Advance

Bikash Sharma

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For best performance usage and future scalability, go to IBM Storwize V3700.


Controller cache (remember, all your server I/O goes first to cache... more cache more performance)

Dell MD3220i: 2GB cache per controller

IBM V3700: 4GB cache per controller and can be upgraded to 8GB

Host connectivity:

Dell MD3220i: 4x1Gbps port per controller for iSCSI

IBM V3700: 2x1Gbps ethernet port per controoler for iSCSI plus 3x6Gbps SAS ports (optional 8Gbps FC port or 10Gbps for FCoE/iSCSI)

Check this flyer for information about VMware with IBM V3700: http://public.dhe.ibm.com/common/ssi/ecm/en/tsf03029usen/TSF03029USEN.PDF


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