Slow storage vMotion (~30 MB/s) in my lab but high speed between Windows pc and storage server

Hello All,

I noticed the speed of storage vMotion is quite slow in my config.

I built a lab a small inexpensive lab at home to improve my VMware skills.

I have 2x diskless ESXi 6.5 hosts which are connected to a SAN storage server (ESOS) via FC (4Gbps).

In my storage server I have 3x SATA spinning disks, each configured as their own LUN/datastore.

I've installed vCenter with operations manager (trial).

Now when I move one VM from a datastore to another, it takes quite long, average speed is ~30 MB/s:


I did several tests and it seems the performance issue is at the VMware level:

  • Enable iSCSI target on storage server and connect my pc (Windows 10 without FC hba) to a newly created LUN. Copy a file to the new NTFS disk, 100 MB/s.
  • Enable iSCSI initiator in one of my ESXi host, connect to the same LUN. Copy a file to the new VMFS datastore via vCenter web interface, 30 MB/s

Looks like something is not optimized in my VMware/ESXi config and I think if i managed to improve iSCSI performance, I'll see the same with FC.

Any idea?

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